Thursday, March 23, 2006

Personal profile paper 3

Thank goodness today was basically Friday for me. Tomorrow is our UIL tournament and so I got the day off to go to that. Since it is here, I don't have to drive to Hereford in the morning and then drive all the way back here. I will be able to sleep in and meet the kids there at 11:15. I am exhausted today. I had to get ready for my sub tomorrow which seems to take forever. I was also interrupted by an ARD meeting that I wasn't aware that I had. I don't have much else to share, so I will continue with my personal profile papers. Here's number 3.

My Value

I hold music to be of value because it has been my passion for many years. Music has been important to me since I began playing an instrument in 5th grade band. Band has been a source of fun, friendships and pleasure. Although I am no longer in band, I still stay involved with music. I still play my clarinet from time to time. I have played at church in an ensemble, during the summer with the WT summer band and director’s band at band camp, and every spring with the WT clarinet ensemble at the Showcase of Music. I have also joined the choir at church despite the fact that I feel I am not very good at singing. I do it because I simply love it.

Music soothes, inspires and evokes many special memories. I tend to associate different songs with certain people that have played a part in my life. Music can be relaxing or exciting and it is something that is always different and changes depending on my mood. I have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to music. I especially enjoy listening to classical music and my favorite composers are Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rossini and Mussorgsky. I also am a fan of 80’s pop music. My favorite singers are Olivia Newton John and Garth Brooks. Other kinds of music that I listen to are classic rock, oldies, country, and Christian. I do not care for rap or hip hop music at all.

I am thrilled that my son has shared and developed his own passion for music. I hoped that he would and it was expected given his upbringing. I was pregnant with him in the fall of 1990 and marched with the WT band when I was 7 months along. When he was a baby, I used to bring him to music rehearsals because I didn’t always have a babysitter. After he started band in sixth grade, his passion for music grew. He is very much like me because he loves classical music and oldies. His favorite singer is Elvis. He is very talented instrumentally playing the clarinet and has recently begun taking piano. He writes music and has plans to be a composer. I appreciate the fact that we both have a love for music because it’s something special that we can share.

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