Friday, March 17, 2006

No need for a search party

I am still in the process of doing laundry. What? You expected 350 loads to be done by this morning? But I am making progress. I even went so far as to organize my closet by colors. The thing I hate about doing laundry besides the sorting and just doing it, is putting the clothes away afterwards. I don't know why, but it's a pain. I have two more rooms to clean today. I am going to get started on my extra bedroom that really isn't a bedroom because there is no bed in it. I am hoping to turn it into some semblance of a craft room. I am planning on making some curtains for my bedroom tomorrow. I looked for material yesterday, but didn't find anything that I just loved enough to buy. I also looked at pre-made curtains and everything that I kind of liked was out of stock. So I came home and decided I'd just wash the ones I had and use them until I found something suitable. Then when I was in the extra room, I saw some material that I was originally going to use to cover a futon and decided it would work.
I do have to go out into the real world today and make a run to Amarillo. I have to buy reeds for Josh, and just do a little bit of extra shopping. I also need to go to the post office. I still have a package for Marty that I never sent him and if I don't send it soon, he'll be gone by the time it gets there. It's something I planned to send, oh... back in November I think. I was working on a lengthy letter to send with it, but decided there was no point to say what I wanted to say. I'll put a short note in there and let it be on it's way.

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