Friday, March 17, 2006


Proof that my house really is clean.

My purple bathroom. I love this color. Before I cleaned, there wasn't a clean space on the counter.

Living room... I even vacuumed the floors.

Living room - This is my desk where I spend most of my evenings on the computer.

My bedroom... unfortunately the animals take over my bed most of the time. And I still love my waterbed.

Kitchen - No comments on the color of the paint... unless you like it. I happen to love the color, but it's a bit bright for some people. It's better than the dark brown that used to be in there.

I still have laundry to finish and another room to clean. I am not even going to attempt to touch Josh's room. It looks like a tornado and an earthquake hit it. I'll save that task for a time when he is gone to band camp or something. I also have not worked on the garage in a while, but it's been cold here... so maybe this summer.

1 comment:

Susanlee said...

I really like the colors of your bathroom and kitchen. When we paint I think we are going to do the kitchen sort of grass green and mediteranean blue..