Monday, March 16, 2009

Here in Key West

I made it in last night around 10:00 although my flight was supposed to get in around 9:30. I had a scare yesterday morning when I get a text message from the airline saying my outbound flight from Amarillo had been canceled. I called the 800 number and it turned out that there was still a flight leaving at 12:10 but it was a different flight number. We left on time and arrived in Dallas early. I had lunch at the airport in Dallas and then got on the flight to Miami. We arrived early in Miami but then had a longer wait than expected. The waiting area for the American Express flights was very crowded and then our flight was delayed on top of that. But we made it and arrived about 30 minutes late despite leaving 45 minutes after our scheduled departure time.
I didn't sleep much last night... it's always weird to sleep somewhere else the first night away from home for me. Marty was up at 5:30 to get ready for work. I slept in until around 9:30. I've piddled around this morning avoiding doing the work I brought. I do have to get an assignment done for one of my classes.

I still sense some distance from Marty. Not sure what to make of it right now. It feels like I'm more of an inconvenience than a girlfriend most of the time. It's not so much in words but just subtle hints in his action and non-actions so to speak. It could be my overactive imagination again, but it's doubtful. I'm usually right on with my intuition when it comes to him... though usually he doesn't admit I'm right until years later. I'm going to play it by ear this week and see how things go.
Well, enough putting off my homework... gotta get that done and then take a shower and get dressed.

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Leann said...

Have fun in Florida!! I hope it all works out with Marty. Men....*sigh* :-)