Monday, March 09, 2009

Trip update

I know it has been a while since I've posted. It's been a whirlwind trip and I totally exhausted - especially with the stupid time change that I hate, hate, hate. But I guess you probably at least want some kind of update for the 6 of you still reading my blog.
Our flight to Houston was ok except that we were not supposed to change planes in Dallas but ended up changing planes due to a mechanical issue. Because of that plane change, one of my students lost her I-touch. We arrived in Houston around 3:00 and was lucky enough to drive in rush hour traffic (though there wasn't much rushing at 20 mph). It took us almost two hours to get to the hotel that would normally take us about 40 minutes. Almost had an issue at the hotel because they booked us four King rooms when two of them needed to be doubles. Luckily she made the change for us. We registered for the tournament and then went to dinner at a restaurant that served both Italian and Mexican food.
The tournament itself was decent but had a large disappointment. I had two students make it to semi-finals rounds which is a huge accomplishment - especially for a state tournament. One of them, however, missed finals by one ranking. That was tough to deal with. Another two made it to quarter-finals rounds as well. One of my students did receive a scholarship though. We also got a trophy for having the most qualifications for our region.
We've had some very long days - getting there early and getting back late. The one evening that we got back at a decent hour, I stayed up to finish my powerpoint that was due today. I wanted to submit it early so the professor could send it back if it needed work. It turns out that it was fine the way I sent it and got a perfect score.
Yesterday I was an idiot. I guess the time change made me think I needed to get up two hours early rather than just one. I got up and was ready to go by 7:00 and I realized that I had told my students we would leave at 8:00 as I was walking into the registration area to check out. We got back to the rental car place to return the cars and my students and the other sponsor headed back on the shuttle to the airport. Josh and I walked across the street to a different rental car place to get our car that we would use for our drive to Nacogdoches.
We had to take our time going because my friend that we're staying with had other plans until 5:00. We stopped in Humble and went to Denny's for breakfast. I dropped Josh off at the mall while I went to church. After church we did some shopping and I got Josh some clothes. We had lunch at Pappasitos (Mexican Food) and then we headed to Nacogdoches. The drive was fine other than being really tired.
We made it right on time and spent the evening visiting with my friend and picking up Papa Murphy's pizza. I went to bed at 10 but Josh had a coughing, sneezing issue last night so I was up at 2:00 digging out a benedryl for him. I eventually slept and had some relatively weird dreams. Now I'm up but I could sleep for a few more hours. We need to get to campus early so we can turn in some paperwork for financial aid, possibly tour one of the dorms we didn't see last time and then meet my friend for lunch. Josh has a meeting with the composition teacher at 1:00 and his audition is at 2:30. We have to leave Nacogdoches by 4:30 or so to catch a late flight home. Which means it will be another long day.
Oh, and my car is having issues which my brother is dealing with but it means I won't have my car when I get back. I'll borrow Josh's for a couple of days until it's repaired.
And that's the update!


Tammi said...

Sounds like you've been a busy bee!

Summer said...

I think I need a nap after reading that. Are you going to have a quiet weekend?

Anonymous said...

That is all very fast ... you mentioned earlier the need to have another visit at your doctor, I hope you could manage to get an appointment there, it's important.