Tuesday, March 03, 2009

To do list

1. Do laundry
2. Pack
3. Clean house
4. Create powerpoint assignment & upload
5. Take my car to my brother's shop to leave for him to work on while I'm gone
6. Leave instructions for the kid that's going to feed the animals while we're gone

What I'm actually doing:

1. Sitting in my recliner
2. Watching American Idol
3. Looking at Facebook

I did start the laundry though and that is my excuse right now... need to wait for it to finish. I also loaded the dishwasher but I can't run it until the washer is finished. I picked up dinner since I didn't want to cook. So I'm going to give myself about an hour and then I'll start figuring out what to pack. I don't want to check more than one bag or take more than one carry-on.

We had TAKS testing today. It was long and dull. I finally got my sub plans together for the rest of the week. I didn't leave school until 5:30. I usually talk to Marty on the way home but he's not answering, nor is he online, so I am guessing that he's working late tonight.

Once again I'll probably be up late. And I can't sleep in tomorrow. I went ahead and made a doctor's appointment for my yearly physical. Since I still have the morning off and don't have to take a personal day, I figured it was a good time to go. So I have to be there at 9:00. I guess that means I can sleep in a little late, but not as much as I would have liked.

Well, I'm going to watch a little more t.v. and then get busy with my to do list.


Summer said...

What I should be doing and what I'm doing. I'm always doing what I'm doing.

Have a safe trip!

mago said...

All the best for that appointment.

Leann said...

Your to do list sounds exactly like mine. So does your 'what I'm doing instead' :-)

mago said...

Hope it all went well and you have good results.