Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Busy Day

I slept in again this morning but eventually got up and about.  I headed out to the south part of town again and went to lunch, looked at some furniture, went to best buy, stopped at Sonic for a coke and then headed to the appointment to view the next house.  It was a great place.  Nice large living area in the front with a second smaller living area in the back by the kitchen.  The kitchen isn’t huge, but does have space for a dining table.  The master bedroom is pretty large and it is separated in the back part of the house.  It has an attached bath with a nice large walk-in closet.  The two other bedrooms are side by side towards the front of the house with a bathroom close by.  There is a utility room right next to the garage and it has a security system.  The garage has an automatic door opener.  The backyard isn’t very big – but I think that’s probably a good thing – less to maintain.  The community pool is just down the street.  They property management company was anxious to get the place rented since the last renter skipped out so they waived the application fee which saved me $50.  The pet deposit is also cheaper saving me $300 total.  So I’ve put the application in and they called me today to ask if I had any paperwork verifying my employment with SAISD.  I told them I did and they also needed salary information.  So I went to their office to give them paperwork to copy and showed them the online salary schedule and the person working my application seemed to think all of that would be ok.  She said that everything was looking good so far so hopefully I’ll be able to sign a lease before I leave to go back to Canyon.  Then I can get my address changed at my bank and with the human resources.  After that, I have to focus on getting it changed on all my bills and. 

After I went to the property management place, I went to Kohl’s and did little shopping.  I did well only buying on blouse.  Then I went to eat at Panera Bread and thought of my fellow blogger Cheryl who would always write about being at Panera.  I thought the place was great – but my sandwich was ok.  The meant and veggies were fresh, but the bread was kind of hard.  I think I will order something diferent next time.  But the chips and lemonade were really good.  I should have tried the french onion soup I think. 

So after dinner I went to Borders.  I found two books for me and one for Josh.  I don’t why I bought books when I really should be trying to get rid of some.  Oh well, I’ll just leave them in the car and unpack them from there.

Now I’ve got to figure out all the moving arrangements.  It’s going to be insane trying to get it all done in the next two weeks. 

Tomorrow I’m hoping to sign my lease and take care of the address changes.  Then I’m going to Austin to see Marty and help him with his resume.  Then I’m going stay at my friend Brent’s place.  If I don’t have to go back to SA for anything on Friday, I’ll head back home then. 

Well, the last 1/2 ambien that I took is starting to kick in.  I think I’ll see if I can get another prescription before I move.  It might be odd to sleep in a new place for a few weeks.  It’s really getting exciting for me.  As I drive around town I keep thinking “I’m really going to be living here soon.  There are so many shops, restaurants, and other things to do.”  I’m ready to enjoy what San Antonio has to offer.  And I’ll be ready for guests after a few weeks – so if you’re interested in visiting, give me a shout!


Andrew said...

Wow! This is all so exciting. You know I will worry about you, but you are a big girl and very capable -- most likely more capable than me. Thanks for the blog updates. I feel like I am along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing very well :) it must be fun to get to know a new city. i had that feeling when I went abroad for study, good luck again :)