Sunday, July 10, 2011

Too Many Books

I need to start packing, but I’m already overwhelmed by the number of books I have.  See for yourself:

DSCN0608One – mostly favorite fiction – Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, JK Rowling, Ann Rule, and several other mystery fiction with a few romance.

DSCN0609 Two – Yearbooks and other fiction.

DSCN0610Three – Book club books that I haven’t read yet (and one paperback book that I have read)

DSCN0611Four – mostly non-fiction and Catholic books.  Very top shelf are miscellaneous books I cleared out of my bedroom at one point.

DSCN0612 Five – More non-ficiton and my library school books.

DSCN0613 Six – Rare books that I got before an estate sale sold them.

DSCN0614 Seven – All my books on the Titanic that I’ve already packed.

DSCN0615 Eight – Books on the headboard in my bedroom.

DSCN0616 Nine – Books under the bed in my room. 

I think I’m going to have to try to cut the number of books by about half.  I have a LOT that I haven’t read, but plan to some day.  and then I have favorites that I don’t want to give up. 


Patti said...

During one of our moves, I labelled a box "BOOKS THAT WE DON'T WANT, BUT SPIKE WON'T LET ME THROW THEM OUT". As our friend lugged that box up the stairs to our 3rd floor walk-up, he just looked at me and said - "Seriously??!!"

Leann said...

Man, I'm impressed with the number of books that you have. Wow!! I don't usually hang onto my books once I've read them. I share or contribute. I wish I had the funds to buy all of the books I want. Good luck with the move and packing!