Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nothing to Report

I’m still procrastinating, but that’s nothing new here.  House is still clean which makes me feel good.  I went to the movies today to see Bad Teacher.  It wasn’t a very good movie, but there was some interesting humor in it.  We then went out to eat at a really good Italian restaurant.  I had my old favorite of spaghetti with meat sauce.  But I also had a salad and an Italian Margarita.  I only ate half my dinner so I could have dessert which was a white chocolate raspberry ice cream truffle.  It was sinfully good. 

Tomorrow I’m heading to school as I have to return my school laptop.  Then I am going to meet my former mother-in-law for lunch.  Other than that, not sure what is in store.  Oh sure, I still have my to-do list – it is just slow going. 

So nothing much to report.  I’m taking a little bit of a break, but will have to get on task soon.

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Leann said...

You tease you!! That ruffle thing sounds decadent!! It's good to hear that so far things are going well, I am praying they stay on the same track :-)