Friday, July 08, 2011

Family Visit

I got a call from my aunt today asking if they could come stay with me this weekend.  They decided to make a trip here to see their new twin grand-babies.  (My second-cousin’s babies)  So this morning I changed the sheets and bedding in the guest bedroom – which is technically my roommate’s room, but she is not coming here until Monday.  I went to Hereford today and had lunch with my former mother-in-law.  We had a nice visit.  She wanted to know if I had heard anything from Richard (my ex) but I told that I hadn’t really talked to him much other than a brief chat about me moving to San Antonio.  I then went to the admin office to turn in my laptop and it seems they shut down early on Fridays.  Luckily I was able to catch one of the computer guys and give him the computer.  I then went to the school and got all the boxes I had left in my room for packing.  I think I’m going to need a lot more.  I packed my Marvin the Martian stuff today and it filled four boxes already.  But that is one area that I’m not going to pare down.  I will need to go through the tons of books I have and try to limit myself – but I have several favorite authors and I like to keep the books.  I think my Kindle is certainly helping since the recent books I’ve been getting are on it, but I still have a lot to sort through.  My aunt and uncle got here around 7:30 so we headed to dinner at Feldman’s.  I had the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gray and some corn.  It was so good.  I only ate half of it and brought the rest home for lunch.  Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner again.  I’m not going to get much done this weekend probably – but it’s good to have family here – especially since I won’t be able to see them as much when I move. 

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