Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Stumbleupon, Inspiration, and Laziness

I know it seems like I’m always on the go – always doing something, but in reality, I am really quite lazy sometimes.  Sometimes I enjoy those days of doing absolutely nothing.  And that is what most of today was.  I really should have done other things.  I’m starting a to-do list on my iGoogle page, but only got a few things done on it today.  But yesterday I cleaned all day and I haven’t really had one of those do nothing days this summer.  So I figured I deserved a one-day vacation before I have to get my butt in gear.  After finally getting sleep after the insomnia bit last night, I slept until about 9:30 this morning.  I mostly played on my computer.  I checked out some banks in San Antonio and started looking at options for cable and internet.  I also looked at a bunch of rental houses that I might want to check out when I go back down there – assuming that they are still available.  I caught up on laundry, did the dishes.  I did get out of the house briefly to pick up McDonald’s for lunch and a coke zero.  But mostly I goofed off online and watched t.v. 

One of the things I do from time to time is click through stumbleupon which takes you to random websites.  You can customize it to some degree where it mostly finds things one might be interested in based on subject areas.  I have found a few new favorite sites because of this.  One of them is a blog called GoodMorning & GoodNight that is just a mish-mash of quotes, pictures, videos, articles, etc. I really like a lot of the quotes posted on the site.  Believe it or not, one of them is the reason why I ended up getting the interview in San Antonio.  I had submitted my application but was contacted by personnel for some additional  information.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to submit it because I was kind of scared of actually getting a job there.  I wasn’t certain about moving and with it being such a large city, I thought it might be overwhelming.  But then I saw this quote on that site that day:


And so I submitted the information and files that they needed to complete my application.  Then they called me for an interview and the rest is history. 

I’m also a post secret fan and each week I save the images of the cards that mean something to me.  In the same vein, I also save inspirational sayings/images that I find using stumbleupon.  I’ll leave this post with a few of my favorites.

24886620_3uUjHxhZ_c Amazing-Book-Art-Isaac-Salazar-2 life227 tumblr_l16cgnUU3F1qzx5i0o1_500 tumblr_lb8q6eXIqC1qc9ekbo1_500

So tell me – have you ever been inspired by something or someone else that changed your life? 

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