Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad News, Good News

I had the house inspection today and there’s both good an bad news.  Good news is that the pest inspection showed nothing of concern.  Other good news that in general the house is in good condition and seems to be built well.  But the bad news is pretty significant because the air conditioning didn’t work.  Even though technically I’m buying the house “as is”, this may be something I can get Fannie Mae to fix.  If they don’t fix it, and I walk away from the deal, they’ll have a hard time selling it unless they fix it anyway.  Since an inspection has been done, they would have to disclose that the air conditioning doesn’t work.  Also there’s the issue of the heat not working since the blower wouldn’t come on and that is an FHA financing issue.  So hopefully they’ll get it fixed and we can move forward. 

Tonight was the first orchestra rehearsal for the new season.  It was long and my thumb was hurting by the last 30 minutes of rehearsal.  I’m out of shape in terms of playing.  I guess I need to do some practicing.  I’m tired and want to go to bed, but I’m waiting for clothes to get dry.  I should have washed them earlier.  I have to have some clean pants to wear tomorrow and I’ve gained so much weight that only a few pairs fit.  It’s very depressing.  Hopefully I’ll get in gear soon and start getting active.  I’m trying to watch the diet, but I’m pretty weak when it comes to cheeseburgers and pasta. 


Andrew Quixote said...

I've been meaning to tell you how proud of you I am. You've Taken some big steps lately! You're hard work is paying off!

Anonymous said...

I think the good news outweighs the bad! But yes, it could be potentially expensive so I hope it can be solved for you. Maybe Matt's interested in going for walks or cycling in the evening? It could be fun to do together. Or maybe with the dogs? Best of luck for the new start at school as well, I'm really happy for you that it looks like you're going to have a new place!