Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Still Waiting

It’s been two full days now and I haven’t heard anything regarding my offer on the house.  It’s getting a bit unnerving.  I hate waiting to hear.  The longer it takes, the more worried I get.  Perhaps I should have accepted the offer the first time.  I don’t know.  You never know when making an offer if yours is the only one, if there are others or if it’s what they will accept.  So it’s still hurry up and wait here.

Matt and I planned to go to Albuquerque this weekend, but the plans are on hold until I hear about my offer.  If we can’t go, we may just run up to Dallas for the weekend instead.  Our original plan was to leave tomorrow evening after Matt gets off work and go part way.  But unless I hear about the house, we’re stuck.  For someone like me that tends to be a planner, it’s difficult to do. 

My friend Pam asked me to make her a rosary.  She’s not Catholic but when I made one for her daughter (the one who recently passed away) she said that it seemed to bring her comfort so she wanted one.  The rosary that I made Kami was buried with her.  So today I went to Michaels and got some beads to make a rosary for my friend.  I think it turned out nice.


I hope it does bring her some comfort.  I can’t imagine the difficult time she is going through and I wish I could do more for her.  Well, I guess I’m going to try to get some sleep and not think about the house.  I hope I get an answer tomorrow – hopefully the answer I want. 

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