Saturday, August 18, 2012

Need to Clean

I really need to clean my house.  It’s getting pretty bad and I know I won’t have time next week or next weekend.  It’s shaping up to be another busy week.  I survived my first three days back and I worked my tail off.  I delivered computers to dozens of classrooms in addition to data projectors, Elmos, and textbook kits.  I’m not finished though.  I still have equipment to deliver to the 6th grade building, but I can’t until after they paint in those rooms next week.  This is typical of the district I work for.  Everything is last minute.  I even had Josh come up and help me.  I struck a deal with him.  I’m renting a moving truck to take his bed and some other furniture to his new apartment in Nacogdoches.  He’s leaving Wednesday next week.  I’m picking up the truck on Thursday evening and then Matt, his friend Jason, and I will load it up on Friday evening.  I’ll drive the truck to Nacogdoches on Saturday morning.  Matt will drive up Saturday evening and we’ll stay the night in Nac and come back sometime Sunday.  The next day is the first day of school so I need to be there for that. 

My house inspection is going to be on Monday.  I have to miss part of our inservice training to be there, but my principal was understanding about it.  I hope everything goes well and there isn’t too much wrong with the house.  Since it is a foreclosure, Fannie Mae won’t fix anything.  I think, though, if it is something that would be required by the appraisal for my FHA financing, they would probably fix that.  My lender called me on Thursday and gave me the numbers for closing costs and my estimated payments.  I’ll be paying about $60 more a month than what I’m spending on rent right now.  I will, however, have enough money left over to pay off several credit cards so that should be ok.  I’m debating whether I’m going to keep my cable subscription when I move or switch to direct tv. 

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Anonymous said...

We've had DirecTV for seven years now and have been very pleased with the service...price is high, though.