Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Day of School

Well the first day of school is tomorrow.  Luckily I don’t have to open my library for another week or so.  I haven’t even been able to get into the cataloging system – not that I’ve had time.  I will stay busy with a million other things to do.  I will wear a dress (well, skirt and blouse) tomorrow, but that will probably be it for dressing up for a while.  I’m dismayed that I can’t fit into much of what’s in my closet right now because of the weight I’ve gained.  I really have to start eating better and working out. 

So yesterday I drove a huge truck to Nacogdoches.  I reserved a 10 foot truck, but they only had 16 foot trucks.  It went ok, but was kind of awkward to drive.  There wasn’t a whole lot of stuff to take so it didn’t take long for Josh’s friends to unload it.  After I dropped the truck off, Josh and I headed to Walmart to get him more things he needed for his apartment.  I paid for half of it to help him out.  Now he has a microwave, toaster oven, vacuum cleaner, and other apartment necessities.  We went to dinner with my friend Kirsten and then Josh took me to the hotel.

I was a little upset with Matt last night.  Even though he has a cell phone, he doesn’t answer it.  He was late getting to the hotel and wouldn’t answer my calls.  Me being the worry wart I am, I imagined the worst.  I think he realized that it bothered me a lot and he eventually apologized this morning after the cold shoulder last night.  But I got over it and everything is good now.  Tomorrow he’s going to bring me lunch at school and then help me out for a couple of hours. 

Well, I need to head to bed in order to get a decent night’s sleep.  I’m really glad I’m not a teacher – that would make for a really hard day.  I hope this year’s sixth graders are a better bunch of kids than last year’s. 

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Leann said...

I've not been very good at keeping up so I had to do some reading :-)

Congrats on the house and I hope they fix the air and furnace thing for you.....fingers crossed!!

Back to are always so busy during the school year. You make me tired just reading about your days :-)

I hope things go well for you and the new years starts off with a bang.....(not literally).