Monday, August 06, 2012

House Hunting Round 2

Matt, Josh, and I headed out for more house hunting today.  We met my realtor at a nearby community and looked at two houses there.  The first was nice, but only 3 bedrooms.  The second was horrible with dirty carpets.  We then looked at three other houses that were even closer to the school where I work, but only one of them had a decent floor plan, but it was a fairly expensive short sale.  After that, we headed to a community further on the east side of town and looked two houses there.  The second was by far the best with an awesome kitchen with granite counters, but it was only 3 bedrooms as well.  We then headed up to Converse and looked at a new build that I was anxious to see.  It was nice, but the kitchen still had limited counter space, the master bedroom was smaller, and it was still pretty far out.  So after looking at a few more houses up there, we headed back to where I live and looked at the house that I originally put an offer on again.  Since I last looked, the linoleum in the utility room had been replaced.  That was one of my concerns the last time I looked at it.  So after checking it out again, I decided that I still liked the house and wanted to put in another offer.  Since they came down $7500 from the original asking price I made an offer of full asking price and asked for $4450 in closing costs.  I signed the paperwork this afternoon and my agent will submit it this evening.  Hopefully they’ll accept this time and I can get under contract.  If not, I’ll have to consider one of the other houses I looked at.  I hope it goes through.  I’m ready to get this done.  If it is accepted in the next day or two, then Matt and I will go on vacation to Albuquerque starting Thursday evening. 

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