Friday, December 29, 2006


I bought this game (technically for Josh) probably last Christmas or maybe even the one before. We never played it because none of our computers had the right video card for it. It is Roller Coaster Tycoon3. When I bought my laptop I made sure that I would have the right video card in order to play it. That was in March. I still didn't play it because I knew I would get addicted and wouldn't have time to play it. So just guess what I did yesterday afternoon? I installed the thing and started playing it. It's different from its predecessors in several ways, but the basic concept is still the same. And I'm hooked of course. I was up until almost 12:30 a.m. last night playing, only stopping to make supper. But it's my vacation and I can sit on the computer all day if I want to darn it!

Well, Andrew, the winter weather we were supposed to get has so far only been rain. We had a little bit of thunder last night, but it's just raining. If it gets colder, it will probably freeze and finally break off the tree branches that broke during the last winter storm.

Now I'm going to go install updates to my game and start playing.

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Andrew said...

Have fun today. I am so glad you are getting some much needed down time. I am no stranger to losing hours playing a game or two.

I checked the forecast for Canyon and Amarillo and the National weather service is saying you all will change over to all snow tonight. I am so excited and will check your weather all afternoon and tonight now that I am settled down inside in front of my computer for the rest of the evening. Have fun today!!!