Thursday, December 14, 2006


I've finished making the two semester tests that I needed to make. Now I need to create two study guides and get everything printed. My grading is caught up except for the oratory speeches that I need to grade. That will be like grading 5-6 page essay papers. I guess maybe I can get some of that done during the lock-in Friday night.

Yesterday I got home around 5:00 and decided to run to the store to get a couple of things. The church choir director called me right when I got to the store and asked if I could come to rehearsal that evening. For some reason I thought that it started at 6:30, but it actually started at 5:00. So I quickly got the things I needed, ran home, grabbed my clarinet and headed out. I was at rehearsal until after 7:00. I came home and made some rice to go with my leftover cashew chicken (which I'm having today for lunch as well.) I just felt exhausted and I ended up going to bed shortly after 9:00. The phone rang at 9:45 so I had to rush and pick it up. My aunt called to find out if I could go to the Shot Show in Florida to work for my uncle in January. Free/Paid trip to Orlando? Heck yeah!

I hope I make through the weekend... if so, I should be doing pretty well until Christmas break. Friday is our lock-in so I will be up all night for that. Then I'll get to come home and sleep for a few hours only to return to the school Saturday afternoon for a festival among just the speech students. Then I'll return home and sleep as late as possible on Sunday before going to church. Josh and I are playing at the 11:15 Mass.

Well, class is about to start so I better get ready. Sorry for no post yesterday. I wasn't feeling as verbose as I usually am.


Susanlee said...

You're a way better teacher than I ever even considered being...a lock-in? That's dedication girlfriend.

abbagirl74 said...

You're making me tired just reading about all that you are having to do. Whew! Make sure to slooooow down during break.