Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Favorite Toys

This is in response to Rich's blog. I had a lot of great toys when I was a kid. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite, so I'll just list a few of them.

Big Wheel - I loved riding this thing. Unfortunately it was what caused my unfortunate accident when I was four. I was hit by a car and broke my neck while playing on it.
Light Bright - That thing where you put colored light pegs in holes and create pictures.
Little People - My cousin and I loved playing with the little people. We had the Castle, house and cars and different pieces here and there. I also had this wooden set of blocks that were not for the little people but I used to create apartments and garages etc.
Barbie - I got my first Barbie when I was around eight. I had the superstar Barbie with the arms that were bent, a boa and pierced ears. I had a friend that had the Dream House and we would spend hours playing Barbie. I also had a Barbie Head doll that you could apply makeup to and fix her hair. I didn't have a Ken doll, but I did have a Shaun Cassidy. (Hunka-hunka)
Playdough - I had the Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop. It was great fun until I left the playdough out and it got hard.
Whee-Lo - I don't know what it is about this, but it was mesmorizing. In fact, I found one a few years ago at Cracker Barrell and had to buy it.
Paint spinner - I don't remember the official name of this, but it was cool. You put a card down and it would spin around really fast and then you added paint and it spun the colors on the card. You added different colors and got a really cool design.
Record player/Jam Box - Music was always a big thing as a kid and I remember playing records all the time. Eventually I graduated into tapes when I got my first jam (boom) box.
Bicycle - I remember that I had a hard time keeping a working bike. My big brother would take them apart and never put them back together. Finally in the sixth grade I got probably my 4th bike and my parents forbade him from messing with it. In fact I once had to change a flat tire and although he offered, I wouldn't let him do it because I feared I'd never see it again. I rode all over the neighborhood on that bike. No wonder I was so skinny!
Intellivision - Video game console that came after Atari. The graphics and game capabilities were far superior for it's time.

So my questions for you blog readers is... what were your favorite toys as a child? Was there something you always wanted but never received?

For me, I always wanted the Domino Rally game. I never got it. I'm still disappointed.


RICH said...

One of my favorites was a toy called "creepy Crawlers" this had die cast molds that you would pour liquid rubber into and then place the molds into a very hot machine that would cook the rubber solid. You would then remove the die cast mold and let cool. The end product was usually a rubber worm or a spider or many other other creepy little bugs.

Jay M. said...

My favorite was amassing a huge collection of Lego's. I'd spend hours creating all kinds of different toys with them.

One thing I always wanted but never got was a zipline. Strange for a kids toy, but they always seemed so fun.

Annabel said...

I remember the creepy crawlers. Those looked fun too. For me it was shrinky dinks - those plastic things you colored, baked in the oven and they would shrink down.

I never played much with Legos, but my son did quite a bit. I didn't know what a zipline was so I looked it up. That does look fun!