Monday, December 18, 2006


It's cold here and I really hate the cold. We're getting freezing rain tonight so going to school in morning is going to be loads of fun. I'm washing my long johns so that I can stay warm tomorrow. I still have about 30 oratory speeches to read and grade, but I'm still finding I can't grade at home. I think I got through two of them this evening. I'm going to head to bed soon.
I don't have anything interesting or pertinent to say. I am just so ready for school to be out. I'm also quite ready for pay day tomorrow. I just hope the weather and roads aren't too bad by the end of school tomorrow.
My throat has started to feel scratchy and I fear that some kind of illness may be coming on. I really hope not. I just need to get through the next few days so that I can actually enjoy at least some of my break.
On the good news front, someone called yesterday about the dog. They didn't lose one, but they said they're interested in her. I told them I'd call them back in another day or so just to make sure the actual owners didn't call. I'll call them tomorrow and see if they're still interested.
Well, my bed is calling me. It's early, but I have a feeling I'm going to need to be ready early tomorrow morning.

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Andrew said...

I was just looking at Canyon's National Weather Service forecast for tonight and you are in for some interesting weather. I envy you. It was 75 degrees today and I hiked in a t-shirt and shorts. *sniff* I want some interesting winter weather. *sniff*