Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meet the Rest of the Family

This of course is Josh. This was taken when the band went to the state marching contest and Josh was warming up. Isn't he handsome??

This is my aunt and my dad (and me). This was taken at my sister's wedding about a year and a half ago.

This is Max. He is the first dog that Richard (my ex) and I sort of adopted. He is very sweet, but doesn't like the camera. I'm not sure how I got this picture of him.

This is Roo. We got him as a companion to Max. Richard and I would be gone some weekends and we thought that Max could use a playmate. They became fast friends.

This is Lucy... so named because when she meows it sounds like an obnoxious Lucille Ball whine. My dad found her and couldn't keep her and asked us if we were interested in taking her. I left it up to Richard and he said yes. Little did we know, she was pregnant and had three kittens. Tux (my cat that died over Thanksgiving) was one of her kittens.

This is Tecko (Tee-koh). He is technically my dad's cat, but I inherited him with the house. He's a pretty good cat, but does whine a lot when he wants something.

This is Mollie. She appeared on my doorstep in April of 2005. She actually came shortly before I went to Austin to break up with Marty. I thought she was sweet.... little did I know. She's really kind of annoying. She thinks she's top dog and is very jealous.

This is the (hopefully) visiting dog which has now been named Oreo. I would like to find a good home for her as I can't afford to feed her along with the other three. Josh discovered her late one night when I was gone to a speech tournament or something. She came to our door and Josh let her in... and she's been here for about two weeks now. She's very rambunctious and friendly.

Well, this is the zoo family. I don't have pics of my brother, sister, or my dad's girlfriend yet. I'll post some of them if I can find them.


SKQBDOO said...

you would fit right in at the funny farm with all your critters!!

Summer said...

Your family two and four legged are a handsome bunch, especially that Josh kid! Ha! Your Lucy looks like a himalayan just like my Henry. Happy New Year Girl!

Susanlee said...

what kind of dog do you think Oreo is? We've been kind of wanting a friend for Maybe...