Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Staying an extra day

Well, I never heard back from Bret so I assume he either didn't get the email I sent or was just too busy. Maybe some other time. Josh and I are staying an extra day and will head home tomorrow morning. This afternoon we went to Chili's. I had chicken & shrimp with loaded mashed potatoes & rice. Afterwards we went to Target so Josh could spend his gift card. He got an dress shirt for himself. Next we went to Best Buy. I finally decided what I should spend some of my Christmas money on. I bought myself a laptop backpack. I've been needed a new laptop case. My old one that I used for work is too small for my new laptop. When I've traveled, I've put it in just a regular backpack and I know that's not padded enough. I'm very excited about it. It's one of things I've wanted but wouldn't ever buy for myself because it wasn't absolutely necessary to have... more of a luxury item so to speak. I spent $30 on it and then another $15 on a Schoolhouse Rock DVD that has all the old songs from the Saturday morning bits. You remember those don't you? Conjunction Junction... Electricity... Three is a magic number... Josh talked me into it. He really wanted it and wouldn't buy it for himself as he's still debating what to spend his Christmas money on. He thinks he wants the iPod but isn't certain which one. He did buy himself a jump drive. They had a 1GB on sale for $20. He wants to be able to back up his novel and such. Well... he's anxious for me to get out of here so I'll head out. I'll post probably after I get back home tomorrow.

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