Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Look a video!

I've jumped on the You Tube bandwagon. Here's a brief video showing 3 of the now 4 dogs. The new dog (who I think will be called Oreo) is the big black one. Max is the grey dog and Roo is the tan one. Mollie isn't seen in this video, but I'm sure I'll show more now that I know how to do this whole video thing. I've got to go through my old camera videos and see what else I have to show. I'm sure I have some great coaster videos.

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Andrew said...

Thanks so much for the video and the photos. They thrilled me to see them! Your dogs are much more laid back than Maggie, for sure! She is such a little spazz. I liked to have never gotten her inside tonight. I just let her out of the fence to run until she couldn't run anymore.