Monday, April 07, 2008

Another fast moving week

Mondays seem hopeless. I have a ton of things that seem to hit me all of a sudden and then more on top of that. I had a visitor from another school today that came to debate a couple of my kids for practice. I completely forgot about it until she showed up. Then I had to get an ISS (in school suspension) assignment done and that took me a whole conference period to do. I did make some progress on grading, but I'm still not caught up. I intend to have it all done by the end of my conference periods tomorrow. I had to make reservations for our upcoming state trip and was worried about finding a hotel in Austin with available rooms. Thankfully, I was able to reserve rooms at the hotel that we are staying at next week. I thought it was a pretty decent hotel and the breakfast was excellent. I need to find time to pick up my checks for for the upcoming tournament this weekend. I'll be going to San Angelo on Friday and then to Austin (via San Antonio) on Sunday. I'll get back on Tuesday. Oh... that reminds me, I have to figure out something for my students to do for the three days that I'll be gone. What a mess!

I almost decided to not go to band tonight, but I went anyway. I'm glad I did even though I won't be able to play at the concert next week. Now it's bed time so I didn't get much accomplished this evening. Hopefully tomorrow I'll the get extra bedroom cleaned. I'm caught up on laundry in terms of clothing. I still have some towels, blankets and sheets to wash, however. Well, I need to start the dishwasher and a load of laundry.

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Leann said...

Don't forget to breathe!

Sounds like you have a loaded week ahead of you.

Even five minutes of down time is beneficial :-)