Saturday, April 12, 2008

UIL trip report

We made it to San Angelo yesterday around 2:30 and we watched a few one act plays. We went to supper at Cheddars and then came back to the hotel where I took a shower and went to bed. I thought I had forgotten my ear plugs so I didn't sleep very well. This morning when I was going through my computer bag I found a pair so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. (I can't sleep with certain sounds going on around me.) Today was a fairly disappointing day. None of my interp kids broke to finals. I think a couple of them (pardon my french) got screwed with by poor judges. One my students was ranked 5th at TFA state and received ranks of 5, 5, 1 by three judges. One of my debaters missed quarter finals after a tie where they had to examine her opponents records. I was losing all hope until extemp. One of my students made it finals in informative extemporaneous speaking and she ultimately placed 3rd. I was thinking that I might end up with a free weekend if I didn't have any kids make it to state. I'm glad to go, however. The student that made it hasn't had a lot of success and she is now realizing how talented she is. We have another student going in journalism so we'll be taking two girls down.

This evening we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I was very bad and ordered boneless fried chicken with gravy. It was o.k., but not the greatest. Then this evening we had our annual ice cream orgy. Let me explain... We buy about a dozen pints of Blue Bell ice cream in assorted flavors. Everyone gets a spoon and we open the ice cream and pass them around in a large circle with everyone taking a bite and then passing it on until it's gone. Some people might find that disgusting, but it doesn't bother me. Now I've taken my shower again and we'll be hitting the road around 7:30 tomorrow morning. I can't wait to ride my favorite coasters!

Well, I wanted to give you a brief trip update since I haven't had time to post anything. I haven't caught up on blogs either, but hopefully by tomorrow evening I'll be caught up in reading all of them. It's amazing how fast they pile up when you can't check them several times a day!


63mago said...

Coaster HO!

Hope you enjoy!

Andrew said...

I can't wait to hear about the coasters! You also left me hanging by not telling us what you ate at Cheddars! LOL I love the details though. That's why you're my favorite blog.

Susan said...

I love this ice cream thing...

Leann said...

I've never heard of the ice cream orgy. I've GOT to try sounds decidant.

Coasters........woot!! Have fun for me.. :-)

Have a safe trip home.