Monday, April 14, 2008

Bus Safety State Report

The picture is for Mago. This is Marvin the Martian. He is my favorite cartoon character and I have a huge shrine of objects at home. This particular image is also the tattoo that I have on my right shoulder blade on my back - without the "Greetings Earthlings." I starting collecting Marvin items in 1994. My first object was a watch that played the Loony Tunes theme song with Marvin on it. It has now grown to several hundred objects as you can see in the shrine link. My new laser gun will go into the collection.

Well, one of my students did pretty well at the competition today. My junior student placed 3rd in his grade level and will receive a $250 savings bond. I don't know how the other two students did, but I'll try to find out their final rankings. I know they didn't place in the top three. Regardless, each of them also received a $100 savings bond for making it to state.

This evening I met a friend from high school for dinner. I was able to park in his garage at work which is in downtown Austin and then we walked to dinner and ate Mongolian Barbecue. (If you have never heard of it... it's like a buffet of raw vegetables and meat that you pile together and then you add sauces and they cook in for you on a big grill.) It was very good and my friend even paid for dinner for myself and all three of my students. We then walked down to the state capital and back to the bridge where all the bats are supposed to fly out at dusk. I guess it isn't the right season as only a few of them came out. At the right time of year, they come out by the masses and it is an amazing site.

We then walked back to the garage where my car was parked and we came back to the hotel with a little extra sight-seeing (i.e. I took the wrong exit and had to double back.) I think we'll sleep in a little in the morning and leave around 8:30. I don't want to get back too late, but I also wouldn't mind sleeping past 7:00 for once - especially with a 9 hour drive ahead of me. Ugh. I'm getting tired of driving!

Well, I guess I'm going to read a few blogs and call it a night shortly.


Leann said...

That was so cool!! I totally enjoyed reading about your shrine to Marvin and the fact that you have a tatoo. IMHO you should post more stuff like that.

63mago said...

:) Thank you! I saw the Martian never before here in Europe. You have really an impressive collection.

It is nice to see that your students had some success.
I was once in a village round here in a summernight and bats came out of an old house - they really made me jump!