Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So much to do

First of all I forgot to go to band rehearsal last night. It just completely slipped my mind and I didn't think about it until I was leaving school today and saw another teacher there that plays in the band. I got all the registration information submitted today and hopefully they will have a purchase order for me tomorrow. We still don't know if Josh's school will pay for his trip to Nationals. I know that they have the money, but I don't know if they're going to "find" it for this. Regardless, we'll find a way for him to go.

Today was very nice. I had conference time all morning and didn't have to do anything in regard to TAKS testing. I had two classes this afternoon and then two more conference times. I was able to get scripts ordered for next year. I need to spend what is left in my budget so that I don't lose it next year. I have more supplies to order but probably won't have time tomorrow. I have to do bathroom duty in the morning so I'll grade tests and do some reading. Then I have to pick up the purchase order, and then go to the post office and overnight our Nationals entry.

I have a little bit of a concern today. We were told that our contracts for next year were in our boxes for us to sign. There was no contract in my box today. I am hoping it is just an oversight. But it concerns me a little because of the issue with the other teacher retiring and they might realize that I am not able to really take over the theater and now they don't know what to do with me. Of course I also think of the worst case scenario. I did look up information regarding the policy on contract renewals and from what I understand they would have to have given me 45 days notice before the end of term if they were not planning on renewing my contract. So I guess I'll see if I have a contract in my box tomorrow.

Tonight I cooked philly cheesesteaks for dinner. It was quite tasty. I was famished. I tried taking a nap when I got home today because I was exhausted but it didn't work out. First Josh called to tell me that he was at a friend's house (which I do appreciate that he does that), then a very loud ice cream truck drove by, and then I got another call from Josh's speech teacher. So after that I gave up and started supper. Then a lady from church called me as she was going to listen to my radio interview and needed help on opening the file. Now I've finished supper and I'm watching American Idol. I don't know how I got addicted to that show, but I was bored one night and it was on so I watched it. Now I have to know how everything turns out.

I put laundry in and have to get packed for the next trip to Austin. We're leaving after school tomorrow and stopping in Sweetwater for the night. One of the students going has to go to her grandfather's funeral and won't be traveling with us. She will fly in on Friday evening and compete on Saturday.

Well, I better get going on getting everything packed and done so I won't be up late tonight.


Summer said...

That is a scary thought about your contract. Let us know.

I rarely take naps, but Sunday, I wanted one badly. How many times did the phone ring or did someone run up the steps to see where I was? Far too many.

Make your trip safe and successful!

63mago said...

Yes, have a safe trip! Best wishes and good return.

Andrew said...

I can't help but be worried for you. I hope you got that contract today. Surely, it was an oversight. You've done a stellar job from what I've read. Be safe on your trip and come home rested! I will be thinking of you.

Leann said...

I'm sure you're fine on your contract. How could an awesome teacher like you not be renewed?!