Friday, April 04, 2008

Mostly a nice evening

I didn't get to go to Olive Garden. When I got there, the parking lot was packed and people were spilling outside. I figured it might be prom or something. So I went to TGIFridays instead. It was o.k. but not what I really wanted. I had the chicken bruschetta pasta and a top shelf margarita. Then I went to showcase. It is a show where all the major and minor music ensembles from the local university perform. I thought I had chosen a good seat. Shortly after the show started some people came down the aisle and since there were empty seats next to me, I figured I would be kind and let them in. I was appalled by the behavior of this woman that sat next to me one seat over. First, she had her cell phone out and although she wasn't talking on it, she was holding it up and looking at it. I don't know if she was reading messages or texting, but I couldn't believe it. At one point her phone actually went off. This was about after 10 minutes of her playing with it and she finally put it in her purse. After intermission, she and the person she was with were talking. She was shushed by several people around her but she didn't really stop talking. I think if she wasn't interested in the piece, she would talk. Then she spent time trying to put on lipstick in the dark. She had a kleenex out to wipe around her lips and then she stuffed the used kleenex down the empty seat next to her. Finally she started rummaging through her purse for about 5 minutes and then she pulled out a mint or something and spent another minute loudly opening it. Then she smacked it in her mouth. What was most surprising to me is that this woman turns out the be a music alumni! At the end of the concert, they invite all music alumni to come down and sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic with the rest of the music people. I started to go down and I thought this lady wanted out to go to the bathroom or something, but she ended up coming down to the stage to sing. I couldn't believe that someone that was part of a music program could be such a rude audience member. I know I have to live with such behavior at most high school band concerts because some parents and students just don't know better. But I would think that someone who has participated in any kind of concert would know better!
Well, I'm going to head to bed and enjoy sleeping in tomorrow morning.

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Summer said...

Some people need to be smacked.