Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do I have to go back to work?

At least it will be two short weeks for me. I'm taking kids to the NFL district tournament in Lubbock on Thursday. We'll be there until some time on Saturday. I'm going to try to rush my kids in comm. app. and have them present their speeches on Wednesday. That means they have to get it written by Tuesday in order to practice. That might be a bit much for them. I just am not sure what to have them do for two days while I'm gone. Next week is TAKS testing which messes up our schedule completely. I still have to cover interviewing which is going to be horrible. When kids can barely speak English, how are they supposed to get through a job interview?

I'm so ready for school to be out. I'm not ready to clean out the garage (thanks for the reminder Summer!) but I am ready to just be done with school for the year. I still have a bad case of spring fever. It doesn't help being gone so much from school.

Church was very nice today. I really think having gone to confession helped. It kind of gave me a sense of renewal and excitement and I was really glad to be there. Maybe it also had to do with missing it last weekend. After church I didn't do anything except play on the computer. I watched some t.v. and was pretty much a bum most of the day. I did load the dishwasher and I'll start some clothes in the washer before I go to bed... which I need to do fairly soon. It is already past my bed time.

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Andrew said...

Yay! For short weeks. I am looking forward to reading about summer plans and what you are going to do. I've stopped by your blog a lot today cause I didn't feel well and it was comforting to read normal and sane things. Hope you've had a good day. Thinking of you.