Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coming down from Cloud Nine

O.k. I think I'm back to normal. Now I have to deal with all the arrangements in order to go to Nationals. I have to get our registration completed in three days. Tomorrow will be spent getting that together.

I sang at church this morning. I'm not sure how well it went. We seemed to get off to a rough start. Of course I was sight-singing mostly since I couldn't go to rehearsal on Thursday last week. After church I went to Pet Smart to get stuff for my dog. He keeps licking an area on his leg that has a sore and it just won't heal. So I got one of those lamp shade collars to put around his neck so he can't touch it. I also got some spray that should help heal the sore. I used the clippers on him yesterday and now he doesn't look like a mop any more. He's been needing a hair cut for a long time but I couldn't afford to take him to the groomers. I've been afraid of using the clippers, but I finally figured it out yesterday and it wasn't too bad. Of course the cut isn't really even, but it's better than the hairy mess that he was.

After Pet Smart, I went to Walmart to get groceries spending more than I wanted to, but really with the costs of groceries rising, I can't help but spend $100 every time I go. I came home and just vegged the rest of the day. Now I've got to start getting ready for another trip to Austin this weekend. We're leaving Wednesday after school and driving half way. I won't get back until Sunday evening and will have to go to church at the student center. If I get back by 5:00 I could go to the Spanish Mass instead.

Well, it's way past my bed time so I'm going to head that way.


Leann said...

Can we see a pic of the dog?? With the cone collar would be even better haha

Anonymous said...

Clippers - as in wool clippers? That is a kind of scissors for sheep - ? Sometimes dogs possibly need to be worked on with a kind of brush to get out the "under-wool", I do not know the right terminus in English. Their fur may get too thick.
Another trip to Austin - you are a lot on the road these days!