Saturday, April 19, 2008

A do nothing day

Mostly. I enjoyed not hearing the alarm go off this morning. If only I could train my cats to not want out until I feel like getting up. I sat in front of the t.v. with my laptop on my lap this morning. Around 12:30 I took a shower and made myself somewhat presentable. Josh and I went to Amarillo to get him a vest and tie for his upcoming prom. I spent a lot more than I wanted, but I know how much a big deal prom is. It could be worse; he could want to rent a whole tux. Thankfully he is using his band tuxedo. I went and ahead and bought the vest and tie thinking that he could wear it when in college. I'll have to get him his own tux for band concerts. I think I'll wait until prom is over and then see what they might have on sale. So we got the vest and tie and then went to JC Penny's so Josh could find dress shoes. He had a $50 gift card from Christmas so he used it to by the shoes. Then we were going to go to Taco Villa for lunch but it was closed today due to a funeral. So we picked up Wendy's when we got back to Canyon. I was good and got the grilled chicken sandwich. My weight is still dropping I think.

I made myself go to confession this afternoon. I've had a block about going because I figure it would be difficult and potentially embarrassing and a little scary. It really wasn't very bad at all. It didn't take much time and the priest just gave basic counseling and told me he thought I was on the right track with my spirituality and that was a gift from God. My penance was to say an "Our Father" and to pray for those in the Church and especially those who have left the Church. I sent up a lot of prayers for Marty in hopes that he might make it back some day. The last time I talked to him online he said it has been in his thoughts lately.

After confession, I came home and have been in my recliner most of the evening. I started playing rollercoaster tycoon again. I'm playing the second version because I lost my RCT3 CD. I probably shouldn't be doing it, but it is mindless fun and I really didn't want to do anything today. I made a frozen pizza for supper and only ate one slice. Now it's almost midnight and I better get to bed so I can go to church in the morning. I could have just stayed after confession but I decided that I would rather go on Sunday.


Summer said...

For once a post from you where I'm not exhausted at the end of it. I'm so glad you have a weekend for you.

In answer to your question about the letter I sent to the principal, yes, I did get a response from him within 15 minutes and the teacher called me the following day. I got the "It was only a joke" from both of them but, I did reiterate that this has been going on all year and that JT nor I felt like he was joking. I told the teacher that JT liked him and liked being in his class, but I didn't understand why he would want to discourage a child that is already discouraged and has a learning disability. I told him that JT said he didn't know what to do to please him, so he's giving up.

If this had been a one time thing I wouldn't have been in such a rage about it, but the very first project handed in and he was proud of it...the teacher had them all stand in a line holding their projects and he walked down the line openly criticizing each one. Then pulled two students out of the line and said these two were the best and this is what he expected out of the rest of the class.

Anonymous said...

I think that is what Sunday is all about - do nothing, or at least not too much.

That sounds a little like Heinrich-Himmler-Schule ...

Andrew said...

I'm glad confession went okay. I still would have trouble with my social anxieties. I could make a priest blush! LOL I wonder how many Hail Marys I would have to say in repentance. Hope you are having a good and Mass was good this morning. We all start a new week of work tomorrow. Interestingly, I am looking forward to working tomorrow afternoon. Catch ya in the blogosphere!