Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally a free Saturday

Of course I slept in this morning. I don't know what to do with myself on a Saturday. There's hardly anything on t.v. worth watching on Saturday. I can't stand today's stupid cartoons. Thankfully an episode of Monk is coming on at 10:00. I have intentions to continue cleaning house this weekend. I'm not going to attempt the garage yet. I need to wait until I have several days in a row for that so it will have to wait until school is out.
I'm still up in arms as to what to do about one act play next year. I haven't been approached to take it on, but it has been made clear that they are not going to hire a theater teacher. So what do I do? It would be very disappointing to the students to not be able to do one act. I just don't know how I could take it on and start grad school in the fall. It will be very time consuming. But then again, it would only be for a year or two until I can move into library. Then there is the issue of the room. If I take it, I could probably move into the best room in the school. It is the largest room (aside from choir and band) that is right off the stage with a large storage closet and then another office with even more storage (including bookshelves). I could also get an additional printer that wouldn't be as expensive to maintain and keep the LCD projector. Those things alone make it tempting. But then again, it would mean moving to yet another room. Four times in four years. I definitely would not spend time painting it. I still don't know what to do. I just need to go talk to the principal. He might even have a solution already. He may need to hire an English teacher or something that might be willing to do it. Well, I guess I'll continue to give it some thought.
Well, I'm going to continue watching Monk and then figure out something for lunch. I want to get my hair cut again. I want to go even shorter. It is getting to that annoying stage where it's hard to style. I just don't know how exactly I want it cut. I see lots of cute styles, but I just don't think my hair is the right texture for some of them. I need to find a good stylist, but I don't know where to begin. I wish Cheryl lived here - from reading her blog, I can tell that she is amazing. If I ever get up where she lives, I would want her to cut my hair.


mapiprincesa! said...


Just stopping in to wish my favorite Moms a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I learn so much from you and appreciate and respect all you do in your upbringing of the younger generation in your family. Congratulations, and have a wonderful and blessed day!


Summer said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Andrew said...

Happy Mother's Day dear friend. I hope Josh surprised you wonderfully.