Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moving Again

I talked to my principal today about taking the exit level test for journalism since I had said that I would do the yearbook if they got rid of my communication application classes. It turns out that I don't have to take the test, but I'm still probably going to be doing yearbook. He said that he's 90% sure that I'll be doing it. That means I have to move rooms again. Just as a recap for my new-ish readers, in the three years I've taught at my school, I've been in three different rooms. I've painted two of them completely, but I'm not painting the next one - at least not until I've been there a few years if that should happen. I still don't know about library and if I'm going to pursue that. I think I'm going to see how yearbook goes. I am getting kind of excited about it. I do love the creativity of doing a yearbook. The student who is editor next year is already getting everything ready and he is a smart and organized kid. I had him in speech class this year and I felt sorry for him as he was one of the few English-speaking students in that class full of English-language learners.

So now I have to pack up my room again. The custodial staff will move everything for me some time this summer. I won't be able to get into my room probably until July because they will be working on the air-conditioning system and the second floor will be closed off. (Yes, I'll be upstairs again - actually almost next door to the room I used to be in.)

Today I had two classes that had to take tests and a conference period. Only two students in my interp class had to take the test. It was on the computer and was easy to grade. One student passed and the other failed but both passed for the semester. In my 5th period comm. app. class, everyone passed. I was really nice. Last week I gave them a review sheet (consisting of all the questions on the test) and went over all the answers with them. During the test, I let them use their review sheets for 10 minutes. I'm sure that helped boost the grades some. During my conference and after school today I worked on cleaning my room. I started taking posters off the wall and throwing papers away and sorting through the piles of papers that I had. I've made a big mess but that's the way I clean - make a big mess before everything gets put back in its place. I'm going to need some more boxes.

I had to stay after school today for a reception for UIL that we held for the parents at the admin building. We had some snacks afterwards and that was my supper (along with the ice cream sandwich I had when I got home.) Tomorrow I won't have any students. All the students in my 2nd period are exempt from the test and then 4th period is my other conference period. I have to go through all the files on my computer and organize them and then back everything up to my spare hard drive since they are getting rid of our computers. We're getting new Mac laptops which I hear are really cool.

Well, I'm going to relax for a bit and call it an early night. I made the mistake of sleeping late yesterday and couldn't fall asleep last night. I finally took a 1/2 a tylenol p.m. at midnight.


abbagirl74 said...

Well, congratulations on taking the yearbook position. What happened with that student who had to make up his performance? Was he successful?

Your high school sounds like it's a decent size. Do you just have two floors? I know, tons of questions. It's late and I can't sleep this evening. That is why I am rambling in the comment section of your blog.

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a cunning plan behind moving you through the school: You leave a trail of fresh paint ...
Good to hear that your students did well - you worried about at the beginning of the class. :)

Annabel said...

Thanks abbagirl. The student came to class yesterday and didn't have students ready to perform with him but he and two other students (one who just stopped by to have me sign something) perform the piece in class. I gave him a 50 since he didn't perform with a full group in front of an audience. He passed (barely) for the six weeks and for the semester after making a 78 on his test.

Our high school is a 4A class in texas which means we have about 1200 students in the building. When I counted all possible rooms to use for a tournament - we have about 50 in the main building (2 floors) and another 20 in a new Career & Technology center. The high school is pretty old (built in the 50's, I think, and hasn't been updated much at all - except for my painting.

Mago - Teachers often joke with me saying that they're going to keep moving me so they can get the whole school painted.

Leann said...

I agree in that the Yearbook position would be nice in that you get the creativity to put it together.

I'm sure it sucks not being in the same room year after year. Would be difficult to "make it your own".

Hope you have a wonderful summer and have some awesome plans in place. If you're like me, it will be close to home. Gas is much to much.