Friday, May 30, 2008

School's Out for the Summer

Well, it is officially my summer vacation - if you can call it that. I slept in a little this morning but not too late. Josh knocked on my door shortly after 8:00 to ask me a question so I got up after he left to go check in at school. I spent some time on the computer this morning piddling around not doing much of anything. I did sell one of my rosaries today, however. After I got ready to go to Hereford, I went to the post office and sent both the rosary I sold and the one for Andrew off. Then I went to the music office at the college campus to pay the deposit for Josh's band camp. After that I went to Sonic to get a coke. From there I headed to school to get some work done before the graduation ceremony. I got there about 3:30 and I worked for 3 hours. I finally got everything packed. I was exhausted by the time I was finished, but then I had to go to the graduation. It started at 7:30 and lasted until 9:00. I got home a little after 10. I picked up a sandwich at McDonald's since I hadn't had dinner.

Tomorrow I have to play at the confirmation mass for the kids at our church. That means I won't have to go on Sunday. I'm going to try to get started on the reunion stuff this weekend as well as some house cleaning. My aunt and uncle are coming this weekend so I've got to get some work done. No rest for the weary it seems.


abbagirl74 said...

Yay for summer vacation! WooHoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Packing packing, always on the move. Hope all goes well. Vacation generally is GOOD! Hope you can find some time to enjoy it.

Summer said...

I so love your summer vacations and the annual cleaning of the garage. I've been over at my mother's house today cleaning it out today and now the garage is full of garbage and yard sale fodder. My sister and I were complaining about making a dump run and who knocks on the door but a rep from a local trash company wanting to sign us up for trash service. I told him he was heaven sent! My mother never had trash service, because she didn't want to pay for it, so all of her trash came to my house and then she recycled at a local drop. But now, hallelujah! we have trash service!

It takes so little to make me smile.

Be sweet and enjoy your family this weekend.