Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Off

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning until the phone rang. It was probably a bill collector, but I wouldn't know as I don't answer the phone if I don't know who is calling. I actually had a dream about Abbagirl last night. I think that's the first time I dreamed about one of my blogging friends. It was kind of strange as we were getting tickets to a Garth Brooks concert and they were amazing seats. But it turns out that the concert wasn't that great because nobody really wanted to hear him sing since he had been away so long... or something like that. It was very weird.
I got up around 10 and didn't do much of anything. I called my friend from high school around 11:00 and we decided to meet at Thai Kitchen for lunch at 11:40. I still hadn't showered or anything so I did a marathon session in getting ready. I was actually there by 11:32. We had lunch (cashew chicken with fried rice) and visited. We weren't really friends in high school but we knew each other because we were in band.
I came home and just took it easy most of the day. I started cleaning my shelves and desk area. Talk about a mountain of stuff! I can't believe how much junk I've sorted through - and that is just a rough sort of separating the junk into piles that will still need to be sorted. I need the area to work on the reunion stuff.
Josh came home in a pissy mood. I went to the store so I wouldn't have to deal with his slamming doors. I made some dinner (cheese ravioli) and had a glass of wine with it. I mastered another RCT scenario and then worked on the desk again. It's not there yet, but I am getting close. I plan to get the main desk area cleaned off before I go to bed.
Now I'm having a second glass of wine and am relaxing before I head to bed again. We expecting storms tonight so I'm not sure if I'll get any sleep. I should try to go to bed before they hit, but I'm not quite ready. I don't want to go back to school, but the fact that there's only three weeks left is keeping me going. Woo hoo!


Leann said...

Why three weeks? You're out for the summer already?? Wow. I can't belive it's May already.. Where does the time go?

mapiprincesa! said...

Time goes fast. I've been reading and keeping up, but haven't been commenting. Thank you for the updates, Annabel! Enjoy your wine, and I hope you get some rest!

Be well.

Summer said...

WooHoo is right! I'm going to clean out my garage AND my mother's this summer!