Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not the best day

I don't know where to begin. Well, let's get back to regularly scheduled complaining. I haven't had a conference period at school for two days. Yesterday I had to be a sponsor on a trip with the sophomores to go to a career fair. Today I had to act as the substitute for a teacher that was involved in a funeral. So not am I only way behind on EVERYTHING I get even more bad news about the trip to Nationals. I mentioned in the previous post that we needed to raise about $800 to pay for Josh's trip. Although it seems daunting I thought it might be doable with some friends and family helping out and maybe a business sponsor or two. Now it turns out that they will not pay for any part of the trip with district (taxpayer) money since it is out of state. This is supposedly a board policy, but I could not find anything in their posted district policies online in this regard. So now we have to cover the two airline tickets and the registration which adds up to another $650 or so. I was going to be quiet about this because I thought the district was at least helping out some by covering the airfare and that since this was a somewhat unexpected trip (being the first student in many years to qualify) that we would do whatever it took to raise the $800. Now it's up to $1450. I'm still going to do whatever it takes, but I'm also going to write a letter to the local newspapers about this. I'm not one to stir things up but it really makes me mad. It's not as though we're just wanting the board to pay for a nice trip to Vegas for a kid to just compete in a random tournament. This a tournament that Josh had to qualify for. It's not like when the band wants to go march in some parade in California. This is something a student earns.
So now that I've vented... I'm starving. I didn't eat lunch today because I was so wrapped up in this news and then I had to deal with being a sub. I have to rehearse tonight for Church on Sunday. So I've got to figure out something for supper and then go to rehearsal and then work on my first letter to the editor masterpiece. (Hopefully they won't just scrap it.) If anything, it will make me feel better just to send it. Am I going too far? Should I just let it go?


aimee said...

Ask your church for help too!

Cin said...

I dont think you should let it go. Josh worked way too hard for that honor!

Anonymous said...

No, you should not let go.
That's tough. I do not get it fully: They pay not because the trip goes over a kind of border? But having the band traveling to California is payable? Why?