Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still counting down

This time of year has me frazzled. I'm so ready to be out of school but at the same time, I'm so ready to not be out of school. There is still so much to do, but everything just gets in the way. We couldn't debate in 2nd period today because the seniors were gone. The 7th period debate was a good debate, however. I hated that the affirmative team didn't pick up on some major contradictions by the negative team, but overall it was enjoyable. I had to install Java on all my computers in my room so that my comm. app. kids could take an online typing test. Of course that had issues, but I eventually got it done. I discovered that one of my computers does not work at all and one of the mice had the ball taken out of it so it is useless now.

Tomorrow I have to go with the sophomores on a bus to Amarillo for a career day thing. That means I'm going to not get my conference periods at all tomorrow which stinks. I will probably stay after school tomorrow and work since Josh probably won't get home late because of drum major and drill instructor tryouts. He doesn't have to try out for drum major again but one of the two will be named as head drum major. He wants the position, not for the prestige, but so that he can lead the conducting style.

I have hardly been home today. I had to run to the store right when I got home to get lettuce for Josh to take to a cookout for National Honor Society. Then I went to Amarillo to get my hair cut. (I finally had enough.) I think I like it but I haven't had a chance to really admire myself in the mirror much or play with styling it. It's pretty short, but it feels great. After the hair cut I went to Fazoli's for supper and got the pizza/pasta trio. It was very yummy. Then I went to the hospital to visit my friend Pam whose daughter is in the hospital again. She has cystic fibrosis and goes to the hospital about once a year. She'll be there for about two weeks. So if you're a praying kind of person, I'm sure they wouldn't mind some help in that regard.

Well, I've been home about 15 minutes and it's already about bed time for me. I need to make sure that I get to school early for the trip back to Amarillo. I think I'll take a book to read. Josh gave me one that he wants me to read so I guess I'll start it. Anyone have an idea of a good adventure story that can be told in 5 minutes? It has to be published. Josh needs one for storytelling at Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

G.A.Pym: Swooosshh ...
Robinson Crusoe: Came to an island, found company, left the island.
Maybe these are too fast ...
Seriously: Watership Down?