Sunday, May 04, 2008

Home with Allergies

Ugh. I started sneezing a little on the way down to Austin, but I got hit much worse on the way back. I drove the first 6 hours of the trip and was fairly miserable. It wasn't constant sneezing, but I could "feel" allergens penetrating my sinuses. My eyes were watery and I started to get a mild headache. What fun. We stopped for lunch in Post and then the other teacher took over driving. I finished a book and almost finished a second one on the way back. I was happy to not be driving. (For lunch I had chicken strips with gravy and fries.)

My brother called me on the way back and said he would be coming over to get rid of the weeds in my ward with his weed-eater. Josh wasn't happy about having to help him. Hopefully I appeased him by picking him up dinner from McDonald's after I got home. I felt pretty miserable once I got home, but I didn't want to take anything since I had to go to church. I went to Mass at the student center. It's not my favorite place to go, but I have no choice when I'm not here on Sunday mornings. It's either that or the Spanish Mass and I think I prefer to know what everyone is saying.

After church I went by Wendy's to pick up a small bit of dinner. I order a grilled chicken wrap but they told me that it would take 7 minutes. I opted for the homestyle wrap so I could get it faster, but they overcooked it. I also asked for a vanilla frosty and they gave me a chocolate one. I just took a benadryl and will wait for it to kick in and hopefully sleep well tonight.

It's another boring post, but such is my life at the moment. I made it home safe and mostly sound. I was bored quite a bit on this trip, but oh well. I played a lot of rollercoaster tycoon to pass the time.

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Cin said...

I hope you start feeling better soon! Allergies are awful!