Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is time to go back?

This weekend seemed too short. I hardly accomplished anything and I'll be paying for it tomorrow. I did, however, write my letter to the editor and sent it off today. I was a little nervous about sending it, but I do feel strongly about it. So I guess I'll see if it gets published. I don't know if I would call it a masterpiece, but I thought it came out well and I wasn't very scathing.
I played at church this morning but I don't think anyone heard me. The guitar was pretty loud and I think it probably covered me up. I didn't have much stamina this morning and couldn't play much by the end of the service. After church I brought donuts home for Josh. I started a roast that morning and we ate it for lunch.
My dad took us to dinner on Saturday so it was nice to not have to cook. (I had the Hawaiian Chicken with Rice)
I haven't graded any papers this weekend though I had great intentions. I still can't make myself do work like that at home. I will have to stay after school tomorrow so I'll try to get caught up then. Tomorrow is our banquet and one of my senior gifts didn't come in as well as the graduation cords. I guess we'll have to do without.
Only 8 more days. Surely I can make it just 8 more days.

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Anonymous said...

Eight days - until what? I will have to read some here ... :)