Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Packing up

I spent a good portion of the day sorting through and packing up things. I don't have enough boxes though. I haven't even started packing the books. I did catch up on grading mostly - just two more tests tomorrow and a couple of papers to quickly grade. I went up to see the new room I'll be moving into. If all goes well it should be a great space. The room is large and has low shelves along two walls. The desk in there is great with lots of storage on it. It has a dark room that has a lot of storage as well. There's another room that has a copier (that I'll get to keep) and it currently houses an air-conditioning unit that will be moved out of there. When that is gone, it will be a huge additional storage room that will be great for kids to practice in and for storing the library of books.
On the down side I'm not sure I really thought about what I'm getting into. It is going to be a lot of work. Not only do I have be in charge of the creation of the yearbook, but also selling ads, the "H" awards and Koobraey awards show which occurs right before our speech tournament. So in addition to the tournament, I have to plan an awards show. Hopefully by getting rid of my comm. app. classes I can have a little more time.
Another issue is the fact that I won't get to move into that room until possibly a week before school starts at the most. They are going to be working on the upstairs air-conditioning starting this Friday and won't be finished until August 16. All the teachers on the 2nd floor have to move all their equipment downstairs before school is out and they have to pack all their stuff up as well. Sounds like it is going to be quite a mess up there.
I backed up everything from my school computer today. I really have too much stuff that I need to sort through, but I don't have time. Hopefully I can do it this summer. I'll be getting my new laptop on June 2.
I picked up Sonic for dinner and now I'm going to take it easy and watch t.v. before bed.


abbagirl74 said...

Sounds like you are going to have one busy year! Whew! You work sooo hard!

Leann said...

Sounds like you'll have tons of space which is nice. After managing the tournaments the awards show should be a breeze.

Anonymous said...

"the "H" awards and Koobraey awards show which occurs right before our speech tournament"

What are "H" and "Koobraey" - awards? Organizing a show means to look for show-acts? Like ... what? Exotic dancers, wild animals, illusionists ... I have absolutely no idea.
You will have a large room - that is good! Ad some paint? Just asking. They will make a mess, let'em, just enjoy the free time until you have to move! I think it's good prospects.