Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vacation Day

I spent the day goofing off for the most part. I spent most of it in misery with allergies. I didn't want to take anything for them since I had to play at church this evening. The only medicine that seems to work is benadryl and it knocks me out. I don't know how Andrew takes more than one. One will totally make me loopy.
When I went to church this evening there wasn't any power. I noticed when I was driving there that one of the traffic lights was out and sure enough the church didn't have power either. Thankfully a few minutes before the service started the power came back. I was pretty miserable with the allergies right up until the Mass started and then finally they seemed to subside. The Mass was a confirmation Mass for the students at the Church. It was a nice service. There was a brief reception afterwards. I had a small piece of cake and then went to the store for yet more groceries. I made a quick dinner and then spent some time playing rollercoaster tycoon. While at the store I got some zyrtec. It seems to helping but I'm feeling very sleepy so I'm going head to bed in just a few minutes. I wanted to make a brief post before turning in.
I don't have to go to church in the morning since I went this evening.
Tomorrow I'm going to have to start cleaning. (No, I'm not getting to the garage just yet, Summer - but you know I will eventually!) Well, time for bed.


63mago, too lazy to sign in said...

DO you know what causes the allergic reaction?

Summer said...


Feel better!