Friday, May 16, 2008

In a funk today

I can't explain my mood any better than that. I guess it's just being overwhelmed and frustrated and moody all at the same time. At least I know the feeling will pass... eventually. I did get a response from the assistant superintendent. It was as expected... it is a policy that isn't written, but still a policy and I'm sorry you were misinformed.... blah, blah, blah.
I made a little bit of progress at school today, but I'm not even close to being caught up. I'm giving thought to going up there this weekend. The only reason I might not is because I don't want to use the gas now that it is $3.65 a gallon (and that is on the low end of prices in this area).
Tonight Josh and I are going to the band banquet. That should be nice except it will probably take a long time as usual and I'll be ready to go before it's over. My dad is coming to town this weekend so I have to get the spare bedroom ready as well. Well.. I've got to start getting ready so I'll keep this short so I don't complain any more. I'll write again when I'm in a better mood.


Leann said...

Well I'm certainly not surprised that you're in a funk today considering how your day went yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your Dad.

Summer said...

Are you still going to send the letter out with an increase in the amount you need?

I can't tell you how this whole thing annoys me. If it were a football game, the school or county would cough it up. I know this, as Allen, my oldest, was a champion debator in high school.