Friday, July 11, 2008

10 Lb Mark

Well, I think I've officially lost 10 pounds. I know it's not much and it took forever to lose, but I'm happy with that amount for now. I'd like to lose more but I need more motivation. Today was an uneventful day. I did some laundry, a little cleaning, and went to the store. I also took my car to the car wash and vacuumed it out. I got a new phone and answering machine. Mine has been dying and you can't see the caller id numbers. I thought it might be the battery, but by the time I bought two new batteries, it was almost the cost of a new phone.
As far as I know, I'll see Marty tomorrow. I won't hold my breath, however. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if something came up or something happens or if he just changes his mind. There may be some feelings there, but I'm not certain that anything has really changed. Call me pessimistic, skeptical or whatever, but I think it would be foolish to make any kind of assumptions on my part. I hope that I can spend the afternoon with him and talk to him and see what's going on, but he's had several days away which means he could have shut down in that time. So who knows what will happen. I'll give you a full report afterwards - if we should actually meet.
Well, I finally got to watch a double episode of Monk that I missed last year. The new season starts this Friday.
Well, not much more to report. We'll just wait and see what happens tomorrow.


abbagirl74 said...

I hope it all works out today. It would very nice for Marty to come by. Hope you have an awesome day!

Leann said...

I hope it works out and I don't believe you are being pessimistic, but rather realistic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I read your blog not long enough to fully understand what is connected with Marty. But I hope you have a good time!