Saturday, July 26, 2008

So much for getting started

I've had good intentions, does that count? So far I've spent the day crocheting... still need to get that blanket done by tomorrow. I spent a while on the computer looking up scholarship stuff for Josh. It's time to get started on all of that stuff as well. I am hoping that he'll be able to get enough in scholarships, grants, and workstudy to pay for college so that he won't have to take out any loans. That would be nice.
I got a nice surprise in the mail today. I received a $25 gift card to the Country Barn steakhouse. It was a thank you from the manager for having our reunion there. Josh and I will use it for dinner some evening. My son is the only date I've had in the last three years with the brief exception of Marty during the reunion. At least my son good company and I don't have to dread making conversation like the last "official" date I had three years ago. I briefly wrote about it but didn't go into details since the guy was reading my blog at the time. But honestly, it was a horrible date. It was enough to turn me away from meeting people online because it is really hard to get to know someone that way. Exceptions might be if it were someone who blogged regularly but a few IM conversations does not really allow you to get to know someone. O.k. I'm exaggerating slightly... it wasn't a nightmare kind of date, but perhaps I just got used to being treated differently. First, he didn't really look like any of the pictures he had. Second, we met at Barnes and Noble in the coffee shop and I had to stand in line to buy my own drink. Third, he went on and on about his electronic music and didn't ask me any questions about myself. Fourth, I paid for the popcorn and drinks since he paid for the tickets... which wouldn't have really been a big deal had I suggested it or if we discussed it beforehand... but I'm getting to the age where if a guy asks me out and he's over 30, I kind of expect him to pay... but maybe that is being selfish? We really had nothing much in common and he just wasn't anything like I thought he'd be. He asked if he could kiss me and I told him that I don't kiss on a first date. (Which isn't exactly true, but sometimes you gotta make the excuses.)
O.k. enough about my sorry love life. I'm going to finish the blanket tonight and tomorrow I'll start cleaning. Summer offered trading pictures of our garages as an incentive to clean... but I would be money that mine would win for most disgusting. If I can get to it... I'll post a picture tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, strange people on the web! :))

Summer said...

Oh no, mine's GOT to be worse.

Has to be.

And as far as sons go for dates... they are far better company for sure. We're lucky you and I.

abbagirl74 said...

Wow, I get the strange feeling we talked about this when you visited Kansas. Maybe in the car on the way to dinner? Deja vu.