Friday, July 25, 2008

Going to have to stop being lazy

It's getting to be that time. I have several things I need to accomplish in the next couple of weeks before school starts. I still need to clean the house thoroughly (at least start the year with a clean house and garage). I need to get ready for the yearbook workshop that I'm teaching on the 11th. I'm using mostly the same material as I have in the past, but am going to try to change it up a little. I need to get ready for handing out yearbooks at registration as well as pre-selling next year's books. I need to take Josh shopping for some school clothes and make an appointment for his senior pictures and get him fitted for his class ring. (Yeah, we should have ordered last year, but didn't have the money at the aunt and uncle sent money a while back and it's been sitting in savings.) I have two books that I ordered from Amazon and would like to read them before school starts - they're not long but they're non-fiction so more concentration is needed. I need to schedule a hair appointment before school starts. I've never had a real hair stylist but I'm going to try to get an appointment with one of my classmates that I found out is a stylist and has a shop in town. That way it won't be awkward in making small talk.
Now on to today's activities. I got up early this morning (for summer that is) and went to daily Mass at 8:30. Afterwards I headed to Amarillo to get another skein of yarn to finish the baby blanket I'm working on. I came back home and then Josh called for me to come pick up his stuff from his dorm. He finally was able to get checked out a little before 11:00 and I brought him home so he could take a shower before his rehearsal since the dorm didn't have hot water this morning. We headed back to the campus at 11:20 and I listened to the Concert band before his band came on. His band did o.k. but I don't think it was the best concert. They tried playing some music that was very challenging for them and it just wasn't all that impressive. Last week's concert was much better. We stayed to listen to the Honor's band concert which was very good. Afterwards we went to lunch at Feldman's. Josh had Shrimp fettucine alfredo and I had the chicken fried chicken with corn and mashed potatoes and gravy. It was very yummy. We came home and I crocheted a little bit until I had to go take a check to give to my friends that are coming home with their adopted baby this weekend. I came home after that and chatted with Marty online for a couple of minutes. We were both tired so we decided to take naps. Now I'm up and am going to continue to crochet and get as much done on the blanket as I can. I'm still not hungry but may need to make something for dinner in while.


Summer said...

Don't make me laugh like you just did! The garage! Hahaha. Mine is most likely WAY WORSE than yours and I just keep opening the door and shutting it. My DH did take some stuff over to my mother's to store it. Pretty soon hers will look as bad as mine.

I just got back from vacay. I'm going to catch up on your busy life now.

Take care.

Summer said...

BTW...maybe we should send each other pictures of our garages and embarass each other into cleaning them.

Think it would work?