Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slowing Down

I have to say that it's been nice to not be under any stress the last couple of days. I've stayed up as long as I've wanted and slept in as late as I've wanted. I'm a little bored though. Oh sure, I could be cleaning out my garage, but I think I'll start that next week while Josh is at band camp. I read a book yesterday and did some laundry. I did some dishes but haven't done much more than that cleaning-wise. I'm hopeful that I'll get some of that done today. My principal called me yesterday to confirm some things for next year. I'll be getting stipends for speech team, yearbook, UIL coordinator and Dept. Head. Woo hoo! I probably won't notice it in my paycheck, however. I'm going add Josh on to my dental insurance and that will take out a big chunk. Health insurance costs go up every year so my check could be less than I was getting last year overall despite a raise of about $2100.
I just got back from the post office mailing out the first set of reunion books. I'll have to make another trip next week for those that haven't sent their money in. I need to spend some time today working on all my websites. That could be a full time job in itself. Oh... I think I've decided to go ahead with grad school. The money is there; I've been accepted; and there's never going to be a time where things aren't busy so I might as well jump in and just make the time. I'm going to accept the subsidized loan and the grant and reject the unsubsidized loan. They're offering me more money than I need. Well, I gotta go make something for lunch so I'll catch ya'll later.


Leann said...

I sure know you'll excell at grad school and it's nice to hear you're going back.

Enjoy your "you" time!

abbagirl74 said...

Yay! I am so happy you are going to grad school. Good for you!!!! Enjoy the rest of what break you have left. This year is going to be busy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of work. I may have got it wrong, but the graduation paves the way into the library, yes? If it is good for you and you have the chance - yes, wait for what? I hope it works all out the way it is meant to!