Saturday, July 12, 2008

About Marty

Here's a very brief scoop on Marty. He was a boyfriend I had in high school that asked me homecoming the night before and then we dated for a couple of months. We briefly hooked up again (meaning we spent time making out/kissing) my freshman year in college. He then left to join the coast guard and I didn't hear from him for a long time. He called me about 8 years after that and just chatted. Then he found me again on in 2004 when I was going through a divorce and he had just gotten divorced. Despite it being a long distance relationship, we dated again for about 9 months. I fell very much in love with him, but things just didn't work out. He didn't know what he wanted and I had some clingy/emotional issues that didn't bode well for him so we broke up in April 2005. Since then we've intermittently talked (about every few months or so) until recently. Now things are up in the air again because I still have feelings for him (guardingly cautious) and he said he had feelings for me. But I don't know where that leaves us if anywhere. If you want to read all the scoop, click on the label below "Marty" and it will take to you about 128 posts about him.
He's on his way from Hereford (believe it or not) so we'll see what happens today. No hopes or expectations. I'd just like a pleasant day.
Actually...I found the best recap if you click here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a pleasant day - that is what I wish for you: I really hope you have a good time!

abbagirl74 said...

Okay, so it's almost 9:30. It's a little past curfew little lady! Details!