Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A bit frustrated

I went up to the high school today to get a yearbook so I could look at it. While there I asked my principal about my schedule next year. He took me to the counselor's office so I could look at it. Lo and behold, I've been given two comm. app. classes. That means I will have to prepare for four different classes. I am not happy about this. Since they didn't replace the other coach that quit and had two comm.app. classes, I guess they decided that I needed to take up the slack even though when he asked me if I wanted yearbook I told him I'd take it IF I didn't have to teach comm. app. I told him that last year our classes were really small and that it should be possible to spread it out with the new teacher (speech/theatre arts) taking all the comm. app. but he didn't think so saying that they all had about 18 students. I'm not buying that. Given the fact that they are encouraging 8th graders to take the class (which is stupid, but they do it) and that with 7 sections of the class last year and the classes averaged probably 12-16 students, I think it would be possible to change that to be spread over 5 classes instead of 7 which is what the new teacher has been given. I'm going to email him my suggestion for getting rid of the classes and see what he says. If he doesn't get rid of them, well... the class will suffer because it will not be my priority.
After that, I went to the admin building to drop off my laptop so that windows could be installed and it turns out that the guy that is supposed to do it is gone for two weeks... go figure. So in that respect, it was a frustrating morning.
I came home and picked up a salad for lunch and then continued reading. I really wanted to take a nap, but couldn't since it was almost time to leave for band. I went to band and then after I got back, I headed up to Amarillo to get stuff for baby gifts for my choir director. She and her husband just adopted a baby and will be coming back this weekend. I got some yarn for a baby blanket and then I got some beads for a rosary. I ate dinner while up there (Taco Villa - a meat burrito grande and a taco) and got home around 7:15. I've started the blanket and am a couple of rows in. Marty and I keep missing each other on Instant Messenger. We talked for about 2 hours last night as he was on his last leg home. He had 120 miles to go and I guess he was getting a little sleepy so I talked to him as he drove through the many Florida keys.
I'm pretty tired, but going to stay up a while and just call it an early night... maybe. I keep saying that and then end up staying up hours past the time I intend to go to bed. Oh well, it's summer and I can do that if I want to.


Leann said...

I'm sorry you had a frustrating morning.

So are you knitting the blanket? Or crocheting it? I've decided after readying "The Friday Night Knitters Club" that I would like to learn how to knit.

I hope the class thing works out for you. It's always funny (sad) how people hear what they want to hear rather than what was actually said.

mago said...

"A bit frustrated"? I would be pretty upset if I had to find out that my classes are doubled and it was settled before an other way. In my current set of mind I would either shout or only just go away.