Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Biggest Loser

I don't watch the t.v. show but I understand the concept of having a competition to lose weight. We are going to do a biggest loser contest at my school and I'm going to participate. I have to do something about the weight and I think being involved in a competition will help me because I'm so darn competitive. It will cost $20 to join and then $1 each time we weigh. If we gain weight, we have to pitch in another dollar. So because I hate to part with money, that will also be an incentive. The pot will be divided at the end between the person who loses the greatest percentage of weight and the other is in a random drawing. Our name gets put in each time we weigh and each time we lose weight. We'll see how it goes.

Since tonight was the last night before I start focusing on this, I had my favorite meal of chicken fried chicken at Feldman's. It was quite delicious. I'm not sure what all I'm going to do to lose weight, but I'm going to start but cutting out cokes and watching what I eat. I'm going to add exercise as well. There's a local gym that I'm thinking of joining. It offers various exercise classes daily in addition to equipment and I don't have to drive to Amarillo for it so I think I'll check into this weekend.

School was o.k. today. My new comm app classes are fairly small so that isn't too bad. I really liked my classes last semester, but I'm sure these classes will be fine as well. I had two students that left my English class this semester. One of them I was a bit happy to see go, though I probably shouldn't say that as a teacher. The other, wasn't ever there but she was a good student in general. If I could get rid of just one more student, I'd have a pretty decent class of kids that I like for the most part. Yes, they'll still be lazy, but I still like them. I'm trying to get ahead of the game in terms of lesson plans this semester. I've planned out all my comm app. lessons for the next month. Tomorrow I'll work on English. Yearbook is on hold until we get Koobraey over with.

I do miss blogging. I really need to make time to do it more. I'll try to be a better blogger this year. I was pretty pathetic last year. Let's see what happens.

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Leann said...

I think the competition will be fun. I would not mind doing something similar here. I am not really competitive but it would be nice to have other people going thru the same thing as I am. The money might be a good motivator with me tho :-)

I understand about the blogging. You have a full plate and priorities play an important part.

Good luck with your losing weight!