Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still snowing

I hope it stops soon. I took a few more pictures so you can see how much has accumulated. Being home all day is not good for me. I keep snacking. I still can't get into the book. Dickens seems very hard to read. I totally missed the whole two guys look like each other thing. I need to pay bills. I need to read my grad school books. I need to clean my bedroom. I'd rather just curl up under the covers and nap though.


Anonymous said...

More reading? Children's books?
Yep, it's snowing more and more, definitely; its grey and cold; coffe (or tea if you prefer), books, firesite; there is no need for cleaning I guess, that only would destroy the silence. I find it strange how silent it becomes round here when snow falls and stays.

If the Dickens text itself is not too accessible for you or you find it simply boring, why not look at another thing: These doubles, it may be brothers - a cheap trick by the way -, it may be friends: Gargantua and Pantagruel, Sawyer and Finn, what else could you find? One of the oldest stories ever starts with two brothers, Kain and Abel. Did Charley use that in other novels?
This motif of two cities - this may ba a little strange at first sight, but it opens up the whole idea of the other world, the second place, the subterranean world: Paris is built on catacombs, as are other cities. There is much to explore on the web, the urban exploration web ring for example. I have no clue about what you have to do with Charley's book, but it could be a starting point for nice wanderings.
And by the way, when you mention snacks - what do the people in this book eat? Cuisine ... let 'em have cake I say!

Hope you can have a nice day inside. I go to bed now.

Anonymous said...

Snowed in?